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Dikt: Burdens (färdig)

Burdens The burdens of a mind unshy. Oh, no recluse ever found that ivory tower. And many there were rattling their books as they tried. Unduly in the hunt and the pry. That profligate… Continue reading

Dikt: Overthinking (färdig)

Overthinking Distraught by highly incoherent dreams, I am. Bleeding out my self-esteem, In a self-conscious fear, Of a feared self-consciousness to be, I died before I lived, And I’m not done killing me.… Continue reading

Dikt: Anode and cathode (färdig)

Anode and cathode We are two neightbouring dams bunkering our pride Venerating what is become to us near So we listen to each other’s murmurs and flow To sounds that exist only outside… Continue reading

Dikt: Us nomads (färdig)

Det var runt lägerelden under en ledarskapskurs som den här dikten slutade att vara min ensamma egendom. Vi skulle dela med oss i enlighet med kursens mantra om att öppenhet skapar öppenhet; “You… Continue reading

Dikt: Exile (färdig)

Det finns gånger som man finner sig ovälkommen av fåniga skäl. Ibland kan man just tycka sig förstå orsakerna bättre än den part som har sista ordet i situationen. Särskilt kan det kännas så om… Continue reading