Dikt: Anode and cathode (färdig)

Anode and cathode

We are two neightbouring dams bunkering our pride

Venerating what is become to us near

So we listen to each other’s murmurs and flow

To sounds that exist only outside of ourselves

From the recognizing one another

We have created unuttered anthologies

Neglecting the sun as it would carve our meat

And ransom our constituents with its heat

For we were afraid that beyond these walls

Our chasing one another might have us thin out

And perish before our paths meet

And if we did survive

Of what could we speak

When our vast differences had our hearts beat?

So maybe we can have this moment

If at least in yearning we have not known defeat

And watch as the flames in turmoil themselves eat

Perchance in a while they diminish into sleep.