Medical school diploma speech (färdig)

Beloved friends,

We are gathered in celebration of one of the most precious moments of life. Greater in numbers than the attendees are the memories that bind us. Our journey has been long… the road has been tough. Everything has changed during the time that has been – but we, in our personal development, have caught up with that pace… And have we surpassed!

I am baffled by such an ensemble! Take a look at your seatmates. Who amongst us does not share a reason with every other person around them that is sufficient for considering these years as but the most valuable of their lives?

Standing before you my admired colleagues, I cannot but feel exhilarated. Each and every one of us is on the shoulders of their personal giants. Thank you for supporting me.

We are indeed a large class. The ones among you that got to know me on a personal level can acknowledge my desperate need of assistance. I have missed out on lectures, piled up controversies, been a primer in a multitude of misunderstandings, and I couldn’t recall all the times that I have been lost or confused and in need of a savior. Your generosity and patience testify of a radiant magnanimity.

I am confident – that the world outside these halls has reserved positions that is values dearly – apprehending your arrival. You have been selected – each and every one of you. Delegated – each and every one of you, with the responsibility of comforting, treating and curing. You have been given a privilege – that with healing hands you shall touch the spirits of every passerby. And it certainly was no coincident. No…

Your hallmark is having dreamt, only to wake up and live, and with your subsequent actions commit the latter of your dreams… to vastly superior motives. This uniting standard has been your central characteristic. This is a testimony certified by your exhausted days.

Many hours of hard work, qualms of frustration, moments of desperation – all of these fade… before that strength of will that has you seated here today. You know for certain – that when you haven’t flown elegantly above the thresholds, that you have trotted, and that when you couldn’t trot that you have crawled… Today, as we are gathered, the last agnostics of your tenacity are welcome to surrender in awe.

Assuredly you have found the motivation to pursue your journey. What is more, you have embraced the gravity of the medical oath. It is today beyond hesitation that the extraordinary fellowship that undertook this adventure has blossomed into exceptional individuals. And if anyone among you were to doubt, then everyone around you is a witness and beyond them, so are you.

Once you have left this room, you are not only adepts in a distinguished profession. You are yet a beacon of hope for every person in need of guidance out of the darkness of their concerns. Present within this brilliant audience is a reverence of that trust which was and remains a lodestar before the hurdles straining your endeavors. Indeed you have every reason to be proud.

You are today at the end of a path which began with the choices made at the crossroads of many yesterdays. With willpower and by virtue of your ideals, you have firmly engraved in the registers of time an exalted notion of self. As for the melodies of success, they are yet unfolding… The instruments are still barely tuned… Ahead of you awaits a lifetime of composition.

Thank you.

– Usama Mustafa Kamil, January 2014.